Next-generation lubricants

Lubricants that last up to 10 times longer than standard products, radically reduce friction and substantially boost your equipment's performance? That requires more than mixing in a few additives.

At Dex Premium Lubricants, we use nanotechnology to fundamentally improve the way industrial lubricants behave. With spectacular results.

Why use nano-lubricants?

Because they achieve unprecedented, low levels of friction in engines, gearboxes and hydraulic systems. Which means:
An extended lubricant lifespan:
in real life situations, our lubricants last up to 10 times longer than traditional products.
Higher fuel efficiency:
a 20% reduction in zero load losses, lowering fuel consumption and CO2 emissions (or increasing power output).
Lower oil temperature and thermal load:
less friction results in lower peak temperatures, often below the critical point for NOx emissions.
Lower maintenance cost:
our lubricants form a unique protective film on friction surfaces, reducing wear and corrosion.
Smooth and stable operation:
thanks to lower vibration and noise levels, our lubricants make delicate processes much more robust.
Better cold-start performance:
lubricants can be pumped around much more easily, even at temperatures well below -30 degrees Celsius.
All results obtained using realistic test procedures



Shipping, road transport and trains

Heavy-duty equipment

Construction and agricultural equipment, cranes


Process industry, mining operations

Energy & Renewables

Wind turbines, offshore installations

A lubricant, but not as you know it

Dex Premium Lubricants do not derive their effectiveness from mysterious additives. Using a certified nanotechnological process, we change the way the lubricant itself behaves.
Nanoparticles in our lubricants are attracted to the friction surface, where they form a new layer.
The particles bind with carbon chains in the oil, which ‘curl up’ in a tightly packed ball around the particles.
This creates an ultrathin but highly elastic film of ‘oil spheres’ between the surface and the lubricant, radically reducing friction.

The strain on our engines is so considerable that after around 250 working hours, a complete change of lubricants is generally needed. Dex’s nanolubricant changes the rules of the game: we’ve already clocked up more than 2,400 working hours and it’s still doing its job. The engine runs more smoothly and the oil is still in excellent condition.

Frequently asked questions

No, because the nano-enrichment process does not affect the chemical composition of the base oil. And any additives contained in the product recommended by your equipment’s manufacturer can be included in our lubricant. So in effect, you will still be using a product that meets the exact specifications set by the manufacturer.
The base oil of our lubricants is produced in our own, dedicated enrichment plant in the Netherlands. This is where the nano-enrichment process takes place, using a procedure tested and certified by independent parties. Any additives needed to achieve the exact specifications of your lubricant are added by our partner Transnational Blenders in their Dordrecht production facility.
The difference is that our lubricants have been fundamentally enriched before additives are mixed in. Whereas additives change the chemical composition of a lubricant, our enrichment process takes place on the nano level and instead targets the way the oil itself behaves. It’s this enrichment step that causes significantly reduced friction.
The actual efficiency gains are determined by a range of variables. So with the right information about your equipment and working processes, we can estimate the potential savings. In our own realistic practice performance test, we recorded a 20% reduction in zero load losses.
The name of the lubricant you now use is enough, since European law stipulates that the ingredients of lubricants are made public for each commercially available product. Our partnership with Transnational Blenders, one of Europe’s largest independent oil blenders, ensures a final product that meets the exact same specifications as the product you now use.


Dex Premium Lubricants have been tested by independent industrial laboratories. After the enrichment process, at our own certified plant,our lubricants are processed in partnership with Transnational Blenders, one of Europe’s largest independent oil blenders.


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